What is volatile substance abuse?

There are hundreds of products that contain volatile substances. Because these products are legal, with legitimate day to day uses, they can be found in retail outlets like supermarkets, hardware stores, paint stores, dairies and service stations. They can also be found in most homes. Volatile substances are inexpensive – and very easy to obtain.

When inhaled, volatile substances have a similar effect to alcohol. They may make a person feel uninhibited, euphoric and dizzy. Alternately they may cause a person to experience vomiting and blackouts. Inhaling volatile substances is addictive and dangerous. It is difficult to control the dose and all methods of inhaling are potentially fatal.

All volatile substances have the potential to kill if they are misused like a drug – even the first time.

Inhaling a volatile substance can cause your heart to stop. This is known as Sudden Sniffing Death.

For some people, volatile substance abuse is a passing phase and for others, it can become a long-term addiction.

Dad will go down
to the garden shed and use - and
the family tolerate that which is
alarming. How many children are
affected by that?
Deb Fraser